Darren K. Napier, 288994, sentenced to 20 years with a ten year stipulation for armed robbery.  Incarcerated December 11, 1996 – Released September 11, 2007.

Born January 8, 1969, and raised with both parents in the household.  Son of a prominent educator, Dr. Frank Napier Jr., first African American Superintendent  of Schools in the city of Paterson, NJ.

Excelled in High School as an athlete and received a football scholarship.   Was scouted by several major Universities, and later looked upon by many NFL teams, the Philadelphia Eagles being #1 on the list. Side-lined by drugs and alcohol, left behind two daughters within the community.  

Released and on track to give back to the community by assisting youths through my life experiences.

1996–2000 Passaic County Jail, Paterson, NJ.

Founder of  Outreach Ministry.  Offering testimony, by speaking to students in schools and adults in the community about the dangers of using drugs, being involved in gangs that could lead to criminal activities, causing incarceration.

2002-2002 Northern State Prison, Newark, NJ

Member of Northern State Prison, Drama Club, performing plays and skits offering alternative ways of deterring our youth as well as adults from any   criminal and drug activities within our cities..

2002-2004 Northern State Prison, Newark, NJ

Member of Northern State Prison Outreach Program and Prisoners Speakers Forum.  Offering testimony, performing skits for youth affiliated programs, adults, teachers, prosecutors, senior citizens, Jewish Community, Prison Assessment Centers.

2004-2006 Northern State Prison, Newark, NJ

“Project Pride” Traveling from within the compounds of prison to speak at schools and colleges promoting responsibility of drug education, addressing children about the perils of crime and harshness of incarceration.


working as the Adult Basic Education Instructor at the Newark Comprehensive Center for Fathers.

Darren is married to Ebony Napier and they have four children

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Alum - Darren Napier

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